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Krypton Periodic Table

May 18, 2013

Introduction of Krypton periodic table:

Krypton has atomic number 36 and mass number 83.80.  Krypton has electronic configuration [Ar] 3d10, 4s2,4p6.  Krypton has chemical formula ‘Kr’.  Krpton belongs to Group 18 and period 4 Group 18 elements are also called Noble gases.  Krypton belongs to P – block elemrnts.  Krypton is a non – metallic element. Krypton has oxidation state 0, 2.  Krypton is a colourless, odourless, inert gas.  Krypton is extremely unreactive.  Krypton can react with fluorine, and a few compound of the element have been prepared.  Krypton is non – toxic gas.  Krypton was discovered by William Ramsey, and his co-workers Morris Travers in the year 1898, in London.  Krypton term came from greek term kryptos.  Krypton is present at about 1 ppm in air.  Krypton is characterized by its brilliant green and orange spectral lines.  The bond length of Kr – Kr is 404pm.  Krypton is obtained as a byproduct of liquefaction and separation of air.  Krypton is commercially available in cylinders under high pressures.


Properties of Krypton:

1)      Atomic size of krypton: The atomic radius of Krypton is 103pm.

2)       Ionisation energy of krypton :

1st I.E.  =  1350.7 KJ/mol.

2nd I.E. = 2350.3 KJ/mol.

3rd I.E. = 3565.1 KJ/mol.

3)      Density of Krypton: Krypton has density 2.155g/c.c.

4)      Melting points and Boiling points of Group 18 elements:  M.P.  and B.P.  of group 18 elements(Noble gases)  increases down the group.

Elements      He     Ne      Ar      Kr      Xe     Rn
M.P.  (0K)     1.15     24.55      83.95     116.0      161.39     202
B.P.  (0K)      4.22      27.10      87.45      120.85     165.1     211.4

Where M.P.  = Melting point.             B.P.  = Boiling point.

5)  sotopes of Krypton: Krypton has twenty five isotopes.  Out of which six are stable isotopes.  They are: 78Kr, 80Kr, 82Kr, 83Kr, 84Kr and 86Kr.

Uses :

  • It is used as a filling gas for energy saving fluorescent lights.
  • It is used as an inert filling gas in incandescent bulbs.
  • Ionised krypton gas appears brilliant white light source.
  • It is used in high speed photography.
  • It is used in flashing airport run way lights.
  • It is used in high efficiency miner’s cap lamps.
  • Krypton – 85 is used to measure thickness of sheets of metals and plastics.

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