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Tidal And Ocean Thermal Energy

May 11, 2013

Tidal and ocean Thermal energy

Tidal energy:

The rise of sea water due to gravitational pull of the moon is called ‘high tide” whereas the fall of sea water is called “low tide”. The tidal waves in the sea build up and recede (rise and fall) twice a day. The enormous movement of water between the high tides and low tides provides a very large source of energy in the coastal areas of the world.

The tidal energy can be harnessed by constructing a tidal barrage or tidal dam across a narrow opening to the sea.

During high tide, when the level of water in the sea is high, sea-water flows into the reservoir of the barrage and the turns the turbine. Thus, as sea water flows in and out of the tidal barrage during high and low tides, it turns the turbines to generate electricity,

The tidal energy is not likely to be a potential source of energy in future because of the following reasons:

i)                    There are very few sites around the world which are suitable for building tidal barrages (or tidal dams).

ii)                   The rise and fall of sea- water during high and low tides are not enough to generate electricity on a large scale.tidal energy

Ocean thermal energy

Ocean Thermal energy:

A very large area of sea is called an ocean. The water at the surface of an ocean gets heated by the heat of sun and attains a higher temperature then the colder water at the deeper levels in the ocean. So, there is always a temperature difference between the water “at the surface of ocean” and at deeper levels”.

The energy available due to the difference in the temperature of water at the surface of the ocean and at deeper levels is called Ocean thermal energy (OTE).

The ocean thermal energy can be converted into a “usable form” of energy like electricity.

Advantage of ocean thermal energy:

i)  A great advantage of the ocean thermal energy is that it can be used continuously 24 hours a day throughout the year.

ii)  Another advantage is that ocean thermal energy is a renewable source of energy and its use does not cause any  pollution,


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