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Electromagnetic Spectrum Use

March 18, 2013

Introduction to electromagnetic spectrum use:

The electromagnetic radiation of all the possible frequencies range is referred to the electromagnetic spectrum. An object’s electromagnetic spectrum may be defined to be the distribution of the electromagnetic radiation that is emitted or absorbed by that object. The electromagnetic spectrum is seen to extend over a varied frequency range starting from the low frequency with long wavelengths that is usually used for modern radios to the shorter wavelength gamma radiations that cover wavelengths from large distances to an atom’s size.

Electromagnetic spectrum describing the various types of radiation

Various electromagnetic radiation involved in spectrum with different wavelengths

Electromagnetic waves are similar to water waves helping in the transfer of energy. Different Radio waves, microwaves, visible light and infrared light of the electromagnetic spectrum are used in communication. Radio waves that range from 30 cm to 1500m wavelengths are used in broadcasting. Microwaves with wavelength of around 3cm are generally used in the process of communication, radars, heating food. Use of infrared radiation is generally seen in the communication in optical fibres and remote controllers heating with wavelength of 3um. The visible light that ranges between 200nm to 600nm is used in seeing and for communication. The ultraviolet rays are used for the sterilizing and allows sun tanning with a wavelength of 100nm. X-rays are used in studies of the shadow pictures of bones with a wavelength of 5nm. Gamma rays having wavelengths less than 0.01nm are used for scientific research purposes.

Use of the electromagnetic spectrum in broadcasting and communication:

The waves with low energy and higher wavelengths are used in broadcasting and telecommunications. Internationally these wavelengths are agreed that are used for broadcasting. Microwaves are generally used as waves for communication. For instance, computer links, telephones, etc use microwaves for communication purpose. Optical fibers that are very flexible help in the flow of infrared signals travelling around the corners. These infrared waves are absorbed by air and infrared waves’ reading transmits itself by glass. Glass absorbs visible light immediately and thus infrared waves of the electromagnetic spectrum are used by the optical fibers for telecommunication.

Digital and Analog signals:

Analogue signals that generally vary to any level are used by radio broadcasts and communications. Computers use digital signals and digital signals are used to a greater extent in broadcasting and communications.

Conclusion for the use of electromagnetic spectrum

To conclude, electromagnetic spectrum, this is a wavelength’s continuous range. The various types of radiation have different wavelengths and frequencies occupying different regions in the spectrum with different uses for different radiations.


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