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March 9, 2013

Introduction to types of colloids and examples

A solution is a mixture of two substances, a solute and a solvent. Depending upon the particle size of the solute, the solution is divided into three types, True solution: A very small solute particle sixze, suspension: Very large particle size of the solute and Colloids: A size of the solute inbetween the 2 size.

So, the colloidal solutions or colloidal dispersions are intermediate between a true solution and a suspension. When the diameter of the solute particles are in the range of 10 A to 2,000A, the solution is called Colloidal solution. There are many type of colloidal solutions, depending upon the states of matter of both solute and solvent particles. Let us look at the types of colloids and examples.

Types of colloids and Examples:

There are two phases in a colloidal system: Dispersed phase, the solute and dispersion medium, the Solvent. Various types of colloidal solutions, depending upon the dispersed phase and dispersion medium are:

Dispersed Phase Dispersed Medium Type of Colloid Example
Gas Liquid Foam Whipped cream, Soda water Froth
Gas Solid Solid Foam Pumice stone, Foam Rubber
Liquid Gas Aerosol Fog, Mist
Liquid Liquid Emulsion Milk, Cod-Liver oil
Liquid Solid Solid Emulsion(gel) Butter, Cheese, Jelly
Solid Gas Smoke Soot in air, Dust
Solid Liquid Sol Starch, Protein, Paint,
Solid Solid Solid Sol Ruby glass, Alloys

More on types of colloids and examples

Colloidal solutions are also classified based on their interaction of the dispersed phase with the dispersion medium. Types of colloids based on this classification are: Lyophilic colloids and Lyophobic colloids. Lyophillic colloids are those, in which the dispersed phase has a strong interaction with their dispersion medium.  Examples are: Milk, Jellies, Paint, etc. Lyophobic colloids are those, in which the dispersed phase is sparingly soluble in dispersion medium. Examples are Gold sol, Ferric hydroxide sol, etc

types of colloids and examples – application

Many substance which we use everyday, are colloidal solutions. Some are natural colloids, while some are prepared in the Laboratories/Industries. Some common colloids are, Milk, toothpaste, medicinal solutions, jellies, Jam, smoke, dust, paint, ink, etc.


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