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Nuclear Bomb Power

February 18, 2013

Introduction to nuclear bomb power:

The nuclear energy was the most concentrated form of energy ever discovered.

According to Einsteins equation,if 1 u of mass is converted to energy

E= 1 x 3 x 10 8

E = 931.49 MeV

This is tremendous amount of energy which even is incomprehensible.What is noteworthy that this energy is produced by just  1 u of mass.

Since  1kg  =1,66×1027u

The nuclear  energy obtained from 1 kg of mass  would be

9.0 × 1016 joules

This is defintely amazing figure. The comprension of the same led scientists to experiment to break the nucleus and harness this energy..

power of nuclear bomb

The most commonly used unit to measure the energy released during the nuclear explosion is Kiloton TNT.It is measured against the standard energy released if a TNT bomb of 1 Kiloton is detonated.

1 Kilo ton TNT =1012 cal

The bomb exploded at Hiroshima was named ‘little boy’ and used U235 fission reaction.

It had a power of 12-15 Kiloton TNT.

In other words, the energy released was to the extent of 12-15 x 1012 cal

The another bomb,’Fat man’ ,dropped on Nagasaki used plutonium and had the power of 20–22 Kilo ton  which correspondes to 20–22 x 1012 cal

Subsequent to it many nuclear bombs have been created using different reactions like nuclear fusion etc.

The Castle Bravo device was strongest test undertaken by the US with the power of  15,000 Kiloton TNT.

The total power expended so far on nuclear testings are estimated to be around 520,000 Kiloton TNT

It  can be seen from these magnitudes that the figures are so big that the energies denoted by them are incomprehensible to human minds.

conclusion on nuclear bomb power

The power of nuclear bomb has been a matter of concern to all the mankind as it is the most concentrated form of energy discovered so far and many apprehend it may lead to the destruction of the planet too some day.

On international level treaties like NPT[Non proliferation treaty] are are formed to ensure that the proliferation of the same is under control and the technology doesn’t fall in the hands of terrorists or irresponsible rulers.


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