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Natural Carbon Cycle

December 31, 2012

Carbon cycle is one of the important cycle by which carbon present in the different places of earth are exchanged.Carbon is very essential for the life .Carbon is present in the different sphere of Earth


The carbon present in these different sphere are inter related.In atmosphere carbon is present in the form of carbon dioxide.Though percentage is very less ,but still it is of great use.Carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere is used by the plants during the process of photosynthesis.In this process carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere are used to form carbohydrates and oxygen.Oxygen is very essential for human beings to sustain their life.Without oxygen no one Can even think of life.

There are many methods by which carbon dioxide is released back to the atmosphere.When living organisms do respiration then they take oxygen from the atmosphere and releases carbon dioxide.In the ocean when water becomes hot by the sunlight then the hot water releases dissolved carbon dioxide present in the water to the atmosphere .

carbon content

carbon content
Other Sources of Carbondioxide

Carbon Dioxide is also produced by the combustion.When any thing burns then it releases carbon.There are some other activities also by which carbon is released.Volcanic eruptions is also a major source of carbon dioxide.In industries during the formation of cement when limestone is heated to produce lime then carbon dioxide is released.

carbon cycle

carbon cycle

oceans are the rich source of carbon.Carbon is present in the form of bicarbonate .Different resources of water finally comes to the oceans and this adds huge amount of carbon in the ocean.Carbons present in the oceans are exchanged from the atmosphere.In the ocean carbon dioxide goes through series of chemical the first step atmospheric carbon dioxide gets dissolved in the water .When the Carbon Dioxide dissolves in oceans then it reacts with the water to form carbonic acid .In the next step this carbonic acid is converted into bicarbonate ion and in the final step the bicarbonate ion changes to carbonate ion.

Carbon cycle is very important for the existence of this world .In this cycle the amount of carbon is always maintained.If carbon will become in excess then it can create some dangerous problem to the nature and this Earth.Excess amount of carbon dioxide can cause global warming,which can cause melting of all the ice present in the polar region.This will increase the water level in the sea which can be very dangerous problem for the entire world.

Enhancement in industrialisation ,cutting of trees,constructions etc is causing the serious problem to the world.Global warming has evolved as a serious problem in before the world.Every year the temperature is increasing .If it will continue then that day is not far away when whole world be submerged in the water.


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