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Electric Power Tools

December 24, 2012

Electric power: Electric power or electric current both are same, we all are familiar with the term electricity. Electricity is one of the most versatile forms of energy. It is the kind of energy that powers electric trains, vacuum cleaners, ovens, radios, television sets, computers etc.

It can be easily produced, transmitted to wherever it is required, and converted into other forms of energy. For example, a bulb changes electric power into light, a fan changes electric power into motion, a telephone changes electric power into sound and also changes sound into electric power. In fact almost anywhere you go, you will find electricity being used to perform day to day tasks.

It may surprise you to know that until the end of the eighteenth century, there was no source of electric power. In fact, the existence of current was not even suspected. The invention of a device for producing current electricity was the result of an accidental discovery by the Italian professor Luigi Galvanic.
Tools of Electric Power

Tools of electric power like fuse are safety devices that are used to protect electric circuits and electric appliances against high current caused by short circuiting. A fuse is a short piece of wire made of a material of high resistance and low melting point, so that it may easily melt due to overheating when excess current passes through it.

When the current exceeds the permitted value, the fuse wire gets heated up it melts because of its low melting point. As a result circuit breaks and no current flows through the appliances or the circuit.
Electric Power Tools at our Houses

At our houses we have many electric tools like refrigerator, fan, heater, radio, deck, music system, washing machines and many many mores. Today we can easily say that almost all the work is done with the help of electricity, without having electricity we can not survive and even we will not able to do anything.

Electric chain saw


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