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Nuclear Energy Availability

November 19, 2012

Nuclear energy is the most powerful energy source that is available, at the disposal of man, on earth. The tremendous energy that is produced, by the splitting of the atom can be used beneficially and destructively. However, the risk involved in making use of this energy is also high. The nuclear reactors have to be built in with the necessary standard to prevent the harmful effects of radiations that emit during the process of atom splitting. The most popular use of this energy is in producing electricity and nuclear weapons. The nuclear waste disposal is yet another problem as they take many years to degrade. There are many instances of leakage of radiation due to callous handling within the nuclear power station.
Benefits of Nuclear Energy:-

Nuclear energy is said to be pollution free, compared to other forms of energy or fuels. It has less pollutants that contaminate soil, air or water. When nuclear energy is used in place of other fuels like coal and oil it turns out to be economical, It’s efficiency is better than any other form of fuels. In addition they help in large scale production of electricity. Its use in warfare turned out detrimental, however, it aided in stopping the second world war, and in creating an awareness about the evils of using nuclear power in war. Well maintained nuclear reactors are said to produce beneficial effects for mankind.
Areas Rich in Radioactive Materials:-

Nuclear power plant

Nuclear power plant

Nuclear power plant is located in places where there is availability of radio active materials such as Uranium, and other isotopes required for nuclear fission. Also, it is easier to identify the substance on earth as they can be detected using the radiation that emits from the basic substance. With the establishment of nuclear reactors for producing alternate energy source mankind has improved and is now capable of depending on an efficient energy than the depleting fossil fuels, that might run out of stock in few years time.

Volatile and Insecure Nature of Nuclear Power:-

The most agonizing and fragile issue related to nuclear power is that it may fall in the hands of anti socials and terrorists, who may use it to doom mankind forever. Hence, apart from maintaining and taking care of the safety measures, one has to check that the terrorists do not have access to nuclear reactors. This also indicates that the availability of nuclear energy has both advantage and disadvantages towards the society at large.


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