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Henri Becquerel Discover Radioactivity

October 15, 2012

Radioactivity is a phenomenon which is discover by a French scientist Henri Becquerel in 1896. He verified that uranium is a powerful radiations that is capable of blackening a photographic plate. Here uranium was discovered about hundred years as these radiations are not observed. Natural radioactivity is the phenomenon of spontaneous and uncontrollable emission of radiations. This process which is considered as the disintegration are not stopped or slowed down by the use of and instrument are not observed by Henri Becquerel in discover of radioactivity.


Characteristics of Henri Becquerel Discover Radioactivity

The Characteristics of radioactivity discover by Henri Becquerel is given here,

Atoms of radioactive elements are unstable.

Radioactivity is considered as a nuclear phenomenon.

The disintegration and also the spontaneous emission is the change which does not depend upon the external forces such as temperature, pressure, and state of existence.

Atoms here undergo a process of disintegration for forming new atoms which differ in physical and chemical properties.

Secondary effects are produced by gamma rays which contain higher penetration power and it provide large amount of energy in radioactive disintegration.

The alpha and beta particles are not emitted spontaneously by nucleus.

Two changes are occurred in radioactive elements. The mass is decreased by unit 4 and atomic number is also decreased by unit 2 while the emission of alpha particles. This produces the new elements which have the mass number 4 and atomic number in 2 units.

The mass number here does not change and atomic number is increased by 1 while the emission of beta particles.

Here no change occurs in both the atomic number and the mass number while the gamma rays are emitted.

In radioactive elements discovers by Henri Becquerel the emission of the radiations are not dependent upon the temperature, pressure and catalyst. The natural radioactive elements are classified into three types which considers the electric field and magnetic effect which was discovered by Henri Becquerel in radioactivity.
Alpha Rays – Henri Becquerel Discover Radioactivity

They contain the atomic weight scale which carries the charge +2.

These rays contain the mass of four units.

While passing through gases these rays produce ionization.

Beta rays:

They contain the particles with negative charge.

These rays have unit negative charge and mass which is negligible.

The velocity of these particles depends on mature because of low mass.

Gamma rays:

The rays contain short wavelength and high energy photons.

They are not affected by electric and also the magnetic field.


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